Wrapping Your Car: Is It Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

Wrapping Your Car: Is It Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know

Car wraps are one of the most spoken about subjects in the automotive industry today, but why? What is it about a vinyl car wrap that’s considered to be extremely beneficial for car owners? In this article, we dive into the specifics of wrapping your car and if it’s truly worth it. 

The process of car wrapping is majorly inclusive of coating the car’s original parts with a vinyl sheet of either the same or different colour. If the same colour is used, it’s generally given a different finishing (for example, glossy or matte). Car wraps majorly act as a protective layer atop your car’s original paint to make sure no harm is caused over time. When the question of it being worth it, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of wrapping your car. 



– Possibly one of the biggest advantages of applying a car wrap to your car is that the process of application does not require a lot of time. The process of painting a car, for example, is highly intensive. Prep work, priming, dry time of paint, etc. takes a lot of time. If your car was wrapped, however, you won’t need to waste your time getting your car painted all over again in the occurrence of minor issues with the film. The paint of the car will not end up getting chipped.


– There are a lot of options available when it comes to the finishing of a vinyl film. While the different types of finishes might not necessarily be available in the color of paint that you’re opting for, adding a vinyl film wrap to your car paint allows you to not only play around with the color of your car but also add in a touch of gloss, semi-gloss, matte or even satin.


– Last but not least, if you do not enjoy the visual and advantages of the wrap, you can choose to remove it. Car wraps are removable and can help you alter the aesthetic appeal of your car more often. Bored of the same old matte finish? Simply get rid of the vinyl film and your car’s original paint will peek through!



– You will only get as much as you pay for. Similar to the process of getting window tint film for cars in Woodbridge, you will only be able to get the quality you’re willing to invest in. If you go for a cheap price point for the simple want of saving your money, you’ll end up with a quality of product that isn’t up to par. If you choose to invest well, on the other hand, you’ll end up with a vinyl film that will easily last you a couple of years.


– If you’ve chosen to go for a dramatic colour change to allow the subtle hints of the original colour of the car to seep through the film, you might begin to regret it over time. Eventually, the colour of the car wrap will fade away, making the original colour of the car more and more visible with every passing day. This can lead to dissatisfaction over the years. 


Overall, there isn’t much to be disappointed by when it comes to a car wrap. Not only is it a sound investment, but it doesn’t hold that many cons to begin with. As long as you’re precautionary with your use, you’ll be able to sail through a vinyl application easily (whilst enjoying it, too!). At the Tint Shoppe, you can find everything you need for your automobile, be it a window tint or a car wrap. With the experience of over 10 years, you will end up with results that will keep you satisfied for a long time. 


Find the right solution for your car and you’ll be able to satisfy your heart!