Remote Start/Electronics

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, Yes we are talking about Remote Car Starters. Remote Starts are the only way to pre-warm or pre-cool your car before getting in. With many options available, including smart phone apps now, we can get you into the best option for your vehicle. We also offer many other 12 volt and car electronics options. We sell and install a variety of top of the line car stereos with the ever popular apple and android car play features. Need a whole new sound system? Let our team put you into the best stereo components to maximize your cars sound. Whether you need a remote start, stereo, back up camera or a mobile DVD systems for the kids, we use only the top of line products and installation to match.

Remote Starters and Electronics


Remote car starters are one of the most progressive car accessories. These vehicle electronics have proved to be comfortable and convenient for users for many years now. Remote starters are full of advanced technological features that increase the functionality and convenience.


How Remote Starters Work?


Remote starter involves a lot of hardware pieces which makes it easier to turn the engine on and off. With the hardware inserted inside, you can normally start your vehicle from up to 3 miles away. If you wish to control it through your smartphone, the Drone LTE vehicle telematics system can help you with unlimited range. Remote start installations should be done via a professional in order to avoid technical issues.


Car alarms & security


The car alarm system is a very popular option and they are available in most automobiles. These alarms are simple to use as they provide a louder siren when someone tries to break inside your car. They are mainly installed to keep your car safe.

  • – It alerts you during unusual vibrations or when someone is trying to break into your vehicle. Also, when your device has been disconnected or the vehicle is moved.
  • – It helps you with real-time tracking and keeps updated regarding all actions taken to your vehicle.


Backup camera & sensors


Backup camera – Sometimes it gets tough to use rear-view mirrors to reverse your car or park it properly. The backup cameras and sensors make it easier. They give you a clear vision making it easier for you to reverse your car. These cameras have become quite popular among car owners as they increase your ability to see beyond the mirror image. This protects people and the property behind the car as well.

Sensors  These sensors are an additional feature that complements the camera. They alert you about any object while you are reversing. These parking sensors can relieve your stress out of a parallel parking spot and make it easy to maneuver in traffic. Parking sensors use ultrasonic waves that emit and then receive back after the waves of a nearby object. The tone of the sensor signals you when you are at a significant distance or about to bump the surface.

The reverse cameras and sensors have significantly reduced the number of reverse accidents and bumps on the wall.




Bluetooth is compatible with a range of devices and apps. A Bluetooth phone has tethering capabilities that can be transferred to devices connected to it. This enables greater connectivity at occasions where laptops, tablets, and iPads will be required.


Audio system and DVDs


A good quality stereo system, possibly a remote start electronic, is a savior during long traffic and road trips where you can listen to your favorite podcasts and music. If you wish to communicate for work to your clients or superiors, this system can help here too. Apart from this, there are more such benefits:

Louder sounds- The stereo system amplifies the sound of your music played inside, that gives a different feel and lets you experience a louder bass.

Better music quality- The premium audio systems are equipped with equalizers designed to produce the best quality sound. This enhances your listening experience and makes it better than lower-quality systems.

Range of features- A good audio system manufactured in the factory has a range of features like different media formats, higher power outputs, and many radio stations.

These are some of the car electronics that turn your car into a beast. So, if you wish to add them in your car, Tint Shoppe is here to provide you.