Why Should You Install A Car Remote Starter?

Why Should You Install A Car Remote Starter?

Many might think that a car remote starter is just an accessory, a novelty that is not really useful. A remote car starter comes with a lot of benefits that we shall discuss further in this article. First, let’s learn about what exactly a remote car starter is.

What Is A Remote Car Starter?

A remote car starter is one of the coolest feature additions to your vehicle. It allows you to start or fire up your vehicle before you even enter it. You can do this with just a push of a button. You can start your car from high floors when your car is parked downstairs, you can start it from the comfort of your house, or any place that is not too far away from your car. You can avail three different types of remote car starters. Some car starters are aftermarket fobs that you can just attach to your key ring. Some car starters can be integrated into your car’s own original equipment manufacturer fob. Thanks to technology, you can easily install the remote car starter on your smartphone through apps. 

Why Should You Get A Car Remote Starter? 

  • Helps To Get Your Car To The Ideal Temperature


It sucks to find a parking spot right under the sun, but sometimes you have no option. At times like this, heading back to your vehicle and having to drive it can be a task that you will always dread. You can avoid this situation by installing a remote car starter. With the help of your starter, you can fire up your car a little before you step in to ensure that it is cool enough. Same with the winters, you can fire up your car to get it to a temperature suited for all. 

  • Get Ready For A Quick Getaway

Imagine having parked your car far away from where you are. On top of it, it’s raining. With the help of a remote car starter, you can make easy exits. Use your car starter and fire up your engine and unlock your car. All you need to do now is quickly open the door of your car and get into it. 

  • Makes Carrying Luggage Or Groceries Easier

When you’re shopping or just carrying a lot of luggage, all of us have at some point struggled with unlocking the car and getting everything inside. Placing everything on the ground first, removing your key, unlocking it, picking up your stuff, opening the doors, putting it inside. With a remote car starter. All you’ve got to do is unlock your car before you reach it, simply open the door – without having to use a key – and load up all your things.  

  • Quick Runs To The Convenience Store Made Easier: 

You’d never keep your car running when it’s just you or when you need to quickly grab something from the convenience store. Keeping the engine running with the doors unlocked would be the dumbest thing to do. With the help of a car starter, you can leave the car running and lock the doors at the same time. This way you can quickly get what you need and come back to a warm/cool car. 

  • Scare Away Any Unwanted Attention: 

If you’re sitting at a restaurant or a cafe and can see your car’s parking, you can make sure nobody harms it. People, especially kids, tend to harm cars by scratching them or messing with the tires. No matter who it is, if you see someone trying to do something, simply use your starter key and spook them. If they still don’t seem to go away, it’s time you look for some help.

How To Install A Remote Starter? 

A remote starter deals with numerous hardware pieces. This makes it easier for the engine to turn on and off. With the hardware inserted inside, you can easily unlock your cars from upto 3 miles away. For any customizations, you can ask your dealer. But, remote start installations should be done by professionals only. 

How Much Does A Remote Start System Cost? 

The cost of your remote starter system depends on your requirements. Whether you’re investing in an aftermarket fob or getting the one that works through your phone. It can range anywhere from 150$-500$ for a car starter system with professional installation. 

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