Car Window Tint

Window Tinting for Cars in Woodbridge, VA

Protect the interior of your car while staying cool with Suntek Window Tint. Not only does car window tinting enhance the appearance of any vehicle, but provides huge benefits to you and your car or truck.

The top 5 benefits of getting window tint film for cars are:

1. Protects your interior from fading and cracking
2. Blocks 99% of the harmful UV sun rays that can damage your skin
3. Keeps the car temperature cooler therefore keeping you more comfortable while saving your car’s energy which in turn will save you more money.
4. Shattered glass protection. Window Tints helps keep the glass from shattering in accidents.
5. Car Window Film reduces glare and provides privacy.

The benefits of installing window tint film for cars include more than simply improving the look of your car. It can add to your peace of mind when you want to protect your vehicle and those who travel with you.

If you are looking to get window tinting for cars in Woodbridge, VA, visit TintShoppe today. We provide all types of window tint films for cars at the most affordable rates. Call us now or visit our shop for more information.

Car Window Tinting in Woodbridge?


There are numerous ways to make your car look remarkable, but the most effective one is car window tinting. Window tints improve the aesthetic appearance, keep your car cool, provide long-lasting functional benefits and protect your investment as well. Whether you want to reduce the glare, protect your car from UV damage or enhance the privacy of your vehicle, a window tint can help. If you’ve never got your vehicle windows tinted before, we’re happy to assist you with the same.


Types of Window Tints


Do you know you have more than 1000 options of individual blends of window tints to choose from? This is what makes choosing the right window tinting for cars a little more difficult. We have listed below some efficient ones which make it easier for you to choose.  Each tint film has different advantages and price


Carbon tint film


The carbon-infused tint film is elevated. It keeps the interior of the car comfortable by blocking nearly 40% of the infrared radiations. This tinted film also protects your car’s interior by blocking harmful UV rays that can fade plastic trims, leather seats, and dashboards of your car. One added advantage of this tint film is it does not fade easily, lasts longer, and retains the quality for several years.


Ceramic window tint


If you are looking for premium quality car window tinting, then ceramic window tint film can be a good choice. It contains ceramic-based particles that have various non-conductive properties which means it does not reduce electronic transmissions from Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and other communication devices. Ceramic window tints can block up to 50% of solar heat without affecting visibility. This film also provides resistance, reduced glare or fading, and blocks nearly 99.9% of UV exposure. You have multiple shades in this window tint film to choose from.


Carbon XP tint


If you have an image of the darkest window tint in your mind, that serves quality equal to other tint films then Carbon XP is worth investing in. This tint provides 99.9% protection against UV rays and rejects 50% of heat rejection which keeps your co-travelers safe and comfortable. This tint comes in multiple shades from clear to darkest and features a non-reflective black finish that does not fade quickly.


Custom window tint


Custom auto tints can be made in a variety of colors: Red, green, blue, yellow and many more. This window tint film is often used by brands for business promotions, to deliver a quick message to customers, and advertising their business. The logo and flame of your custom design make you stand out and give an attractive look to your car. This familiarizes people with your brand and spreads awareness through graphics. These window tints are highly versatile and add an aesthetic appeal to your car.

Common Benefits of all Window Tints

  • – It blocks UV rays.
  • – It provides protection against heat, sun damage, glare, and infrared radiation.
  • – Its non-metallic films won’t block electronic transmissions.
  • – Its color won’t distort, fade, discolor or peel.

These are the different types of window tints and the benefits you can procure out of them. If you are looking to get auto tinting done in Woodbridge, Virginia, then get in touch with us for incredible services.