Everything You Need to Know About Tonneau Covers

Everything You Need to Know About Tonneau Covers

When you decide to buy truck bed covers, the process of choosing the right one can be overwhelming. One should look out for the right material, right size and fit and different types of brand availability in the market. It is one of the most important pick-up truck accessories to have.

Experts prefer Tonneau.

  • Tonneau is a cover that protects the contents placed on the truck. Whether you leave it overnight or there is nobody to supervise, you can stay free from worries about your goods getting stolen.
  • The cover is simply stylish and superior that acts as a simple solution to your problem and also ensures that your cargo is secured against snow, rain, and external dirt substances.
  • These covers come in two different types; locking and non-locking.
  • Tonneau covers help you cover your cargo placed inside the truck bed even if your cargo’s height is taller.

Besides its basic advantages, if you are planning to buy one, make sure that you look out for the types and advantage before choosing to buy one:

Types of Tonneau Covers


Tonneau covers come in materials like fiberglass, vinyl, and hinged roll. There are three different types of tonneau covers; Hard tonneau covers, soft tonneau covers, and retractable tonneau covers. Each has its own advantages.

Soft tonneau covers

  • It covers the bed with black vinyl and has a classic bright vinyl look.
  • If your cargo is taller than your bed, you can remove the cover easily and place it in the truck bed.
  • It focuses more on security and keeps your goods safe

Hard Tonneau Covers

  • It looks fantastic and offers ultimate security to your cargo.
  • Hard tonneau covers are easy to open due to their hinge system and some can even be opened with a handheld key remote.
  • Hard tonneau sheets come in aluminum and fiberglass that withstand the harshest weather conditions and keep the internal contents safe.

Retractable Covers

  • It comes in a variety of materials like hard plastic, vinyl, polycarbonate, and cast aluminum.
  • These covers are sturdy in nature and impossible to break. The pieces in it are linked together which eases it to bend, fold, and roll up at the front portion of the truck’s bed.
  • The drilling is not required in such bed covers.

Factors to Consider for Tonneau Covers

Each type of cover has its own uses. You can identify them and choose in accordance to your needs. Below given are some of the essential factors to consider before purchasing a tonneau cover.
1. Purpose

  • The primary purpose tonneau truck covers fulfill is, it provides security to truck beds in transporting valuable items.
  • Along with that, it can also withstand all the harsh weather conditions.
  • If you wish to enhance the look of your truck then a classy soft vinyl tonneau cover is perfect for your truck, as it can make the truck visually appealing without hurting your pockets.

2. Compatibility

  • Tonneau covers are different for different types of trucks. A cover for a specific truck will not fit in the other one.
  • Similarly, truck bed size, absence of bed liner, and other factors can cause compatibility issues. In order to avoid this, make sure that the cover you choose properly fits your truck.
  • Know the configurations of your truck beforehand which will make it easier for you to choose the right one.

3. Material of the Cover

  • Truck bed covers are made up of different materials. Vinyl covers provide convenience, as they are easy to install and add a classy look to your truck.
  • Aluminum is sturdy and durable that might dent after a while. The bed covers made of plastic and fiberglass are tough and resist harsh weather conditions.
  • They also provide security and sturdiness to the materials placed inside.


4. Climate

  • Tonneau truck covers easily withstand heat, rain, snow, and dust.
  • The fall of these does not ruin the quality and classic look of the cover and shields all the goods placed inside the truck bed.
  • These covers are made up of aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass that does not corrode easily.

5. Maintenance ease

  • The cleaning of the truck bed covers depends upon the material it is made up of.
  • Some can be cleaned easily, but some take time.
  • Some designs accumulate a lot of dirt and demand efforts to clean and maintain, while some are easier.
    It also depends upon how frequently you drive to deliver goods for other purposes.


6. Installation ease

  • If you want to avoid the hassle of installation, then retractable covers are the best option for you.
  • These covers are light and compact and you don’t need professional help for them. The roll-up covers are the same, they aren’t hard to install.


7. Budget

  • Budget is also an essential factor to consider to buy a tonneau cover.
  • First define your purpose, what you are buying for, and then set the budget accordingly. Soft tonneau covers are cheaper than the harder ones.
  • Determine your requirements and choose the cover accordingly.
  • A high price would cost a lot, while a lower price would not get you the quality. So, it is best to go for a moderate price.


Benefits of the Tonneau cover

The tonneau cover is a helpful truck accessory, but it has some other benefits too.

  • Its transportation is safe against theft and harsh weather conditions while being hauled.
  • It keeps the items safe and stranded that do not fly away while traveling. This prevents the owner from suffering a huge loss.
  • Its material is very difficult to break which forms a locking mechanism. This prevents theft and provides complete security.
  • An empty truck bed causes air drag due to aerodynamics. A Tonneau cover reduces the drag which requires less power and less fuel to move the vehicle.


1. Supply transportation
If you halt your truck somewhere during midnight, then you will not have to worry about the supplies you are carrying. A tonneau cover with a higher storage capacity also offers security to keep those things away from the sight of other people.

2. Moving Large Cargo
If your truck bed is spacious enough to accommodate larger goods, then the tonneau cover is capable enough to protect them. Just make sure it is flexible and stretchable enough to cover it completely.

3. Storing Toolbox
Many tonneau covers come with a toolbox, make sure you check it while purchasing one.

4. Camping Gear
Your camping gear will remain safe under a tonneau cover. The tonneau cover easily protects all your belongings in the truck bed, which is also a better option than an old tarp and bungee cords.

This is how much versatile a single sheet of tonneau cover is. Do not miss these perks and get it equipped soon. For quality products and quick service, Tint Shoppe is here for you.