Tips to clean tinted windows of cars

Tips to clean tinted windows of cars

Your car will look sleek and stylish with the window tints. It will also provide the privacy you also wanted while you driving the car. But, it needs extra precautions and is certainly a headache when it comes to cleaning. With window tint film, if you wash your car as you used to do, it will potentially damage your tint. Also, make sure you are buying quality window tint film for the car to keep it long lasting. However, this piece of writing will help you to know which things to consider while you clean your tinted window

Carry the right tools

The first thing before start cleaning your tinted car window is having the right tools. You will be needing a solution and a microfiber cloth to pour the cleanser and clean it. Remember, not to use paper towels, it might scratch the tint. You can also use a cotton t-shirt or towels. Then, you will need the absorber containing polyvinyl alcohol to dry the window after cleaning it.

Don’t use Ammonia-based solution

While purchasing the cleanser, make sure to check that it is free from ammonia because it is used to remove window tints. It can cause damages like holes, fading or tearing to your tinted glass. Now, you know what harm it can do to your beautiful tinted window. So, stick to non-ammonia solution or you can also opt for water. In case you just want to clean a spot or clean the window frequently, using water is better and inexpensive.

Focus on the inside of the window

Tinting is done in the inner part of the car’s window glass. So, you have to be careful and put efforts while cleaning it. On the other hand, the outer layer is normal so clean it as you used to do. Moreover, instruct the kids not to stretch the inside of the window, it will cause not repairable damage to your tint.

Keep your car in the shade

Keep in mind that your car should be in the shaded region while you wash it. Exposure of sun can dry out the washing products immediately which can leave scratch lines on the window. So, to be on the safe side, keep your car in a normal temperature.

Leave the edges

The edges are where the tinted layer ends so, avoid cleaning it. Also, if you think the edges need cleaning, be gentle to it as they are the fragile areas. For example, I got my auto tinting from Woodbridge. When I cleaned it for the first time, I treated the whole tinted side casually and the water got behind the tints and started forming bubbles making my window appeared unclear and bad. Moreover, in case you get big sized bubbles, you need a professional to get rid of it.

Keep a cycle of two week

Thinking about how regularly you have to clean your vehicle’s tinted windows? The appropriate time will be once every two weeks. Also, next time you get your vehicle washed, take a look at cleaning the inside windows of it too, which is the tinted side. Ensuring the windows are spotless is one approach to make your vehicle look decent and new. Moreover, it keeps your window clear and increases visibility.

Summing up:

Don’t think that washing your tinted glass is a huge task. Unless it is not too bad or dirty, try washing it at home to save the washing cost. Also, make sure the solution doesn’t contain ammonia. By following these given tips, you will be able to keep your tinted window clean and also make them sustain a longer life.