A Simple 5-Point Guide On Getting Your Car Window Tinted

A Simple 5-Point Guide On Getting Your Car Window Tinted

Tinting windows can be costly but is a great way to revamp the looks of your car. The benefits that you get from tinting your cars are many which are the reason why so many people around are opting window tinting for cars.


If you want to get tinting done on your car window, there are a few professional tinting companies which can help you with it. These companies use many tools and equipment that ensure it is done in the right way and will stay there for long.

Here is a complete guide to how tinting is done.


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  1. Know The State Laws:

Different states have different laws regarding the visibility of window tints. It is important to know them and get the tint accordingly. These tinting companies are familiar with the laws of the state they serve. You can know these by looking for it on the concerned authority’s website.


  1. Selection of The Tint:

This should be done by considering your requirements and budget. Tinting film can be very expensive, and going for them can only be justified if you really have those requirements. There are many tint materials available in the market. You can go through them once and know what advantages and disadvantages do they have.


  1. Trace and Cut:

A good way to cut the film into the desired shape will be by taking a nylon film and cutting it into the shape of the inner side of the window. Trace the original shape in nylon by laying it on the top of the film.


  1. Install:

Spray the application solution on the glass and pull out the adhesive backing on the film. Do not place the film very quickly, this can cause bubbles to be trapped inside the film. Just start with placing the film on one edge of the window and smoothly move it up.


  1. Smoothing and Squeezing:

Take a hand squeegee, a towel and a bottle of hot water. Use a squeegee to pat down the solution and remove the bubbles or creases. Spray the hot water on the glass to make it easy for the squeegee to smooth it out. If there is some extra film, you should cut it out now. Wipe away the extra solution and water with the help of the towel.


After going through all these steps, let the tint dry for the day. It can take a little longer for the window to dry. Do not open the window for at least two days. Note that if you do this, the whole exercise will be a waste.


Tint films are costly and you can’t afford to have it done twice. And that too because you did some unintentional errors. It is thus recommended that if you want the car window tinting in Woodbridge, you should get it done by a professional tinting company. These companies not only do it very quickly but also efficiently so that it looks perfect on your car window.