All You Need To Know About Tinting Your Car Window

All You Need To Know About Tinting Your Car Window

All of you are taking care of your car and its engine with regular services and maintenance. None of you have thought about the care of your car windows by films and tints.

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If you are taking window tinting for cars seriously, you should know its long-lasting functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle from the sunlight.

Reasons To Tint Your Car


  • Fade reduction:Your car is a valuable asset that you want to last as long as possible. Having window tinting professionally installed on your car is a good way to protect from sunshine. Mainly window films block the harsh sunshine. Applying films, you can keep car’s interior new.


  • Protection from Shattered glass:Installing tints and films have many benefits. Windows tints are specially designed to keep the glass from shattering if an object hits it.


  • Blockage from UV rays:Car window tinting can block up to 99% of harmful sun’s ultraviolet rays. By professionally installing films, you can save yourself from skin decrease and skin cancer.


  • Privacy and Security:In the market, you will find varieties of window tinting options. Few tinting ranges of shading provide a privacy to you and your passengers.

There are many different car window tint types available in the market, but you need to find a window film that suits your specific needs as well as your budget.

Types Of Tints


Dyed Window Film:

It is one of the oldest techniques in the automobile market. Though it is old, It is very popular. A dyed window film is made by putting a layer of the film between the adhesive material and the top protective layer. This type of film produces the darkest effect as it can block out 50% of direct light. 

Composite Window Film:

Sometimes referred as metalized window films, it consists of layers of different materials to give a metallic look to your windows. These tints are very good at blocking sunlight, reflecting heat and controlling vehicle’s temperature. This is very durable, too.

Hybrid Window Film:

It is a combination of dyed and metalized film. It is very effective at blocking UV rays. Also, it saves the car interior from fading.

Ceramic Film:

This is the newest tint type in the market. It is a combination of all major three types of window films. Ceramic film is an all-purpose film. It is the most expensive option among all available in the market. It gives superior heat protection from sunlight. The ceramic film has an advanced technology that won’t interfere with electronics, radar detection, mobile phone and other radio frequency technology you rely on in your vehicle.

In short, Car tinting is the most economical way to protect the interior of your vehicle and also provides the utmost privacy to you. If you are looking to install window tint film for cars, you can consider for windows tinting. They use top quality tints and films to make sure you experience best.