In-depth Information on Truck Accessories

In-depth Information on Truck Accessories

Investing in a truck or an SUV is a big decision, however, one of the other big decisions most SUV or truck owners need to make is the type of accessories they will be needing on their vehicle. This largely depends on personal preference and the purpose of the vehicle. Some of the popular truck accessories include aftermarket wheels and tires. Those who opt for custom wheels and tires tend to go for lift kits as well. The size of the global car accessories market is on the rise. That is 2018 was 406.54 Billion USD while in 2020 459.81 Billion. It is expected to rise to 522.01 Billion USD by 2022.

This article goes on to provide information on accessories for your truck and the ones that are very popular. Tint Shoppe is one place that almost every vehicle owner might be aware of. This is the place to visit for your truck accessories. Besides which, they also provide window tinting for cars.

Popular Truck Accessories

Tint Shoppe also provides several other accessories like car wrap and truck accessories. There are many different types of truck accessories, some of the popular ones are listed here:

1. Tonneau covers: One of the most defining parts of any truck is the open box that resides astern of the passenger cab. This section is usually open hence any cargo placed there is usually exposed to harsh weather conditions and not secure in any way. A tonneau cover is specially designed to cover this section of the truck keeping the contents (cargo) safe from various conditions and at the same time secure from prying eyes. A large number of truck owners prefer to use this truck accessory for various reasons like aesthetic value, security and a more practical method of transporting cargo. One of the major benefits of this being that it is very easy to use, and also roll up when not in use.

2. Bug Shields: A bug shield is a vital accessory for all trucks to avoid damage to the body of your truck. Some of the main issues include sudden stones or rocks pieces hitting your truck when you least expect it. If this happens, it can end up scratching your vehicle or every causing a big dent. It can even crack the windshield. Repair work for such issues can work out very expensive, hence it is good to invest in a bug shield to prevent this in the first place. A bug shield should be such that it covers the leading edge of your vehicle’s hood with the main purpose of redirecting the wind as you drive.

3. Custom Wheel & Tires: Fender flares: A fender flare is essentially an extension of your fender to help provide additional coverage to oversized or heavy tires and wheels. The main purpose of these fender flares is to deflect rocks and other debris from hitting the body of the truck. Fender flares are available in various colors to suit the color of your vehicle. They are also available as ‘ready to paint’ options.

4. Bumper guards: This is a good addition to any truck and as the name suggests it provides an additional layer of protection to the vehicle by protecting the bumpers. It serves the purpose of maintaining the paint job of your grill and bumper. It is often referred to as ‘Bull Bar And provides protection to the bumper, grill, hood and the lights since having to replace these in case of an accident can work out quite expensively.

6. Running boards / Sidesteps: Irrespective of the height of your truck, installing a running board has many advantages. It has several safety benefits besides which it adds an additional level of comfort besides which, it also increases the aesthetic value of your vehicle.