The Directory Of Your Dreams: Understanding Window Tinting

The Directory Of Your Dreams: Understanding Window Tinting

Whether you’re simply trying to make your car look nice, or are trying to protect yourself from UV rays and other forms of harm, window tints are quite a famous topic in the automotive industry. With the topic of window tinting for cars growing common with every passing day, you might think, “What even is the hype behind these tints? Is it just the aesthetic appeal they hold, or is there something deeper than that?”. To find the answer to your question, you need to understand what window tinting is.

Even though the process of window tinting is supposed to make you feel much better about your car, if you fail to seek the right professional, you might end up with a disappointing result. Window tints only look good if the process is followed through with the help of a reliable professional. Even though you might be tempted to put up the tints yourself, a single mistake could make you start over. To make it easier for yourself, it’s recommended to consult a professional.

Before you choose to get window tinting done, you need a reason that’s stronger than simply getting it done for the aesthetics. Even though the concept of window tints being strong enough to block UV rays is enough, there are quite a few benefits that come alongside the process of window tinting. Since window tints block out UV rays, they’re very well capable of preventing diseases like skin cancer, premature aging, while also giving you privacy. It is also capable of protecting your eyes since tints help in soften the glares of the sun. This way, you can prevent excessive strain on your eyes during road trips. Besides, the finishing look that tints give your car is quite flattering when you think about it, too.

After making the final decision about getting window tints done, the next step is deciding exactly what kind of tint you want to place on your car.

There are several different types of window tints, namely:

1. Infrared Films: Such a film is capable of blocking out the heat and the UV rays, however, at the same time, it offers very high visibility. It can be used in cities and states that hold strict window tint rules and regulations.

2. Dyed Window Tint: The most economical form of window tinting, and in turn, less functional. This tint is used primarily for appearance and looks flat and opaque from the outside of the car. Thus, it allows a small amount of privacy while blocking out the UV rays to a certain extent as well.

3. Metallic Films: Such films hold a much higher level of resistance towards heat and UV rays and like dyed film, keeps the heat out of the car by simply reflecting it away. Although the film itself is beneficial, due to its metallic nature it can interfere with the network of your cell phone signal as well as GPS. These also end up giving more strength to the windows due to their presence.

4. Carbon Films: Carbon films automatically provide better results. Unlike the metallic film, it gives no signal problems and can turn out to be rather beneficial overall. These are durable and long-lasting and do not need to be changed consistently. Carbon films are also much better at blocking out heat and UV rays than the rest of the tint film options available.

5. Ceramic Films: The finest quality of window tints available in the market, ceramic films are made up of non-conductive ceramic particles. These are capable of cutting out about 45%-50% of the heat energy from entering the car and tend to be shatter-proof.

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