Emerging Technology Behind Auto Window Tinting for Cars

Emerging Technology Behind Auto Window Tinting for Cars

Windows tints were used to keep the homes and vehicles cooler from the inside. But recently there were many emerging technologies were made regarding window tints! Here are some of the most recent technological changes that are involved in the window tinting.

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Auto Window Tinting

Smart Windows

Smart windows are nothing but electro-chromatic technology, meaning the glass will change from clear to fully opaque by means of an electrical current! The smart windows work with a combination of electro-chromatic suspended particle and liquid crystal technologies. This switchable glass can be installed in your cars to gain privacy!

Photovoltaic (PV) Technology

PV technology can convert daylight into electricity just like solar panels while you can see through it! Unlike solar panels, photovoltaic technology converts the glass surface of the windows into power-generating panels. Although installing this could be a little costly but it is the most energy-efficient systems around!

Photochromic Glass

Photochromic glass technology can be seen in most of the building as well as spectacles as they darken the glass as it exposes to sunlight. This type of glass is also used in a car nowadays! This technology works great in keeping sunlight out from the cabin making it cooler. This also means that your car’s HVAC system will need to work harder in order to keep passengers comfortable.

Intelligent Vehicle Glass

A company name Continental claims that they have created a technology to tint vehicle windows with just the touch of a button. This technology is known as intelligent glass control and it works by running an electric current through the glass! This type of glass can be fitted into windshields, side windows, and rear windows of the vehicles! However, this technology can only be used in high-end vehicles as it is quite expensive.

It works when the particles embedded in them will systematically align themselves in parallel which makes the window look clear. When the current is stopped, the particles will rearrange themselves and the windows will appear to darken.

Power Windows

Capturing solar energy with photovoltaic cells is too mainstream! So, researchers at Michigan University have created a transparent luminescent solar concentrator. This glass creates solar energy but keeps the window clear, so you can see through! This power window uses small organic molecules to absorb ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelengths. Thin strips of photovoltaic solar cells are guided through glowing infrared light, this converts electricity without affecting window transparency.

Intuition at its Best

Another company known as Raven windows is working on transitioning technology of its own! It works on its own without using any electricity. In fact, it uses intuitively transitions from clear to dark with a glass temperature change.

It uses a thermochromic filter inside a double pane window which is combined with a Low-E coating that works together to provide energy efficiency. As the sun rays hit the window it activates the filter tinting transition to block the heat thus reducing glare and UV damage and maximizing cooling efficiency.