Is the Sun Glare a Huge Obstacle? Here’s How You Can Defend it

Is the Sun Glare a Huge Obstacle? Here’s How You Can Defend it

Sun glare driving is a huge inconvenience. Especially on highly sunny days when the sunlight is extreme, it can cause a major hindrance while driving. This will result in increased possibility of encountering an accident or any other hazard. However, there are various ways in which you can combat sun glare driving and ensure a safe and convenient journey. Read on to know more.

Tips for Driving in the Sun

Wear sunglasses
Investing in good sunglasses that offer protection against sunlight is completely worth it. You’ll be able to see the route clearly without the interruption of heavy sunlight. The best option is to get yourself polarized sunglasses. Make sure to carry it with you whenever it is too bright outside.

Use visors
Almost every car is equipped with a visor which can be used to block sunlight or protect you from UV rays. These visors are structured in a way that it can block sun rays from both front and side and does not affect your visibility. Sun visors are the most effective way to block sunlight. Sun visors are designed to serve the purpose to let the driver drive peacefully.

Tint your windows
Window tinting means applying a thin plastic film cover over your windows that blocks a certain percentage of sun rays from entering your car. Look for a trusted auto repair shop near your area and get your windows tinted. Once you get your car windows tinted you will find it more convenient to drive through sunny areas. Make sure to check your state’s regulations on window tinting as some states issue traffic citations for overly darkened vehicle windows.

Slow down
When a sun glare is approaching, slow down. Sun glare can result in lack of visibility and increase potential risk. Drive at a reduced speed to be able to react to the hazard or danger that is coming on your way. Lack of visibility inhibits you to react quickly. To prevent this go a bit slowly

Keep space between you and others
When your visibility is affected it is important to maintain a significant distance with the car ahead of you. Making sure that there is plenty of space between both the cars will give you sufficient time to make a decision. Never put yourself at risk, maintain a safe distance between as you might not be the only one facing visibility issues.

Keep the windshield clean
To make sun driving easier you should make sure that you clean away the grime, clean, dirt and grease inside out. Do this before you start your journey. Keep a regular check on windscreen washer fluid and make sure that your windscreen wipers are not damaged. Get it repaired soon if they are.

Find an alternate route
Choose an alternative route if sun glare appears daily in your route. Another option is to schedule your time in such a way where sunlight is the lowest and reaching home or the workplace is easier.

Delay Driving Time
If the glare is worst, pull over at some safe place and wait for some time to let the condition get better. If it is convenient for you, reside at a particular place for a day or so and shift your driving schedule because nothing beyond safety is important.

These are some of the tips that will protect you from sun glare and make your drive more easier and convenient. The good thing is you need not consider all at once, you can apply 1-2 tips at a time and ensure that no sunlight can affect your eyes or ride.