6 Car Theft Prevention Accessories to Buy in 2021

6 Car Theft Prevention Accessories to Buy in 2021

Your car can be one of the most important investments of your life. You’re lucky if your car has never gotten stolen, but for those who have experienced this, they know the struggle that comes with this. While you cannot prevent your car being stolen, you can at least take necessary measures to curb the situation. Majority of the credit goes to the car theft accessories that have improvised the safety of your car to prevent your vehicle from getting stolen. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the most useful accessories for car theft prevention that are a crucial addition to keep your car safe.

Accessories for Car Theft Prevention

Remote car starters
Remote car starters are among the first pieces of equipment to ensure car safety. A remote doesn’t allow anyone else to operate, other than the owner. Many car companies themselves give their customers a remote starter for car security.

Window tints
The window tint film for cars is the shield to what’s inside your car. It doesn’t allow anyone to see through your glass. It protects your privacy. Many cars come with pre-installed window tints but if your car does not have one then you can visit us and get it done. Though it is not a physical accessory, it is still a significant addition to your car.

Car alarms
Car alarms produce a loud sound which one can’t ignore. These alarms activate when someone tries to break into your car by damaging the door, window or the trunk. Car alarms come as a [part of remote starters but if your car doesn’t have one, you can get it installed for added safety.

Steering wheel locks
You can lock your steering manually, but to ensure double safety you should keep a steering wheel lock bar along. This steering wheel lock metal rod slides over the steering wheel that locks the movement of the steering. It becomes difficult to roll the steering. The bar is made of hard metal, which can’t be broken easily. You can place it easily anywhere you want like below the seat when not in use. It won’t occupy enough space.

Tire and rim locks
You can lock the wheels by adding tire and rim locks to them. You can also call these anti-theft tires because tires do not roll after adding them. They are available in different sizes which meet the needs of different cars.

GPS Trackers
Install a GPS tracker in your car, that will signal you if your car has been stolen. With the help of the tracker, you can track the location of your stolen car in a mobile application. This device is easy to install. Just plug the device in the OBD port, and follow the updates in a smartphone app. However, it might include a nominal charge for its monthly subscription. Nowadays, many car companies attach a GPS tracker to their models, but if they do not come in yours, then you should get it installed quickly for your car’s safety.

These are the essential accessories that ensure car safety. Along with that, you should also consider some important tips for car theft prevention. The car security tips that can keep your car safe.

Other Tips to Prevent Car Theft

Lock your doors
Make sure to lock your doors after stepping out of the car. Click the lock button on your remote. Check manually whether all the doors are locked or not, and then only head forward.

Keep windows closed
Shut the windows before you park your car. If you are traveling with someone, then ask them to shut the window while you are about to reach the destination. After parking your car, see whether all the windows are closed or not. The closed windows make it difficult for the thief to break in, which prevents auto theft.

Hide or carry your valuables
Don’t forget to take your valuables before getting out of your car. Once you find a parking spot. Take a break, collect all the valuables, pick it up, put it in your pocket, or anywhere comfortable. Just make sure not to forget any valuables in your car. It might be risky.

Park in a crowded area
Do not isolate your car. Park it in a proper parking area, where other people have parked their car. There are very less chances of the thief targeting your car in a crowded area. The parking area should be well-lit, supervised under a surveillance system, and should have gates that do not allow easy entry or exit.

Stay alert
Stay alert about the surroundings. The alarm tone will alert you whether someone is loitering around your car. If you get an instinct at a parking spot that ‘This place is not safe’, then immediately change it, and trust your intuition. If your car is very much new, then be extra careful.

These simple tips can ensure car safety. Although these tips cannot guarantee safety for your car, the chances are reduced significantly. If you are looking for the perfect accessories to improve the functionality and safety of your car get in touch with us today!