Which Type of Suspension is Right for Your Car: Body Lift or Suspension Lift?

Which Type of Suspension is Right for Your Car: Body Lift or Suspension Lift?

Wow! So you are planning to customize your car or truck?  There are various customization options available with the truck accessories. Some of the most common ones are polishing its outer surface, adding a unique design to your bonnet, accessorizing your car with various electronics, and there is so much that you can do! The customization will completely transform your car and give it an outstanding look, but if you plan to install an aftermarket lift kit in truck, then you have to consider some points. 

Installing a lift kit requires proper planning, the right equipment and a wise selection between a body lift and suspension lift. A clear picture of a customized truck in your mind will help you to choose clearly which kit will look best in your car. Let’s take a closer look at which lift kit can meet your preferences and expectations. 

Body Lift vs. Suspension Lift

Choosing a lift kit depends on how you are expecting your car to transform after the installation of the lift is complete. 

There are two types of lift kit: Body lift kit and suspension lift kit. The body lift kit is popularly known to enhance the outlook of the car, but it does not improve the driving performance. The body lift kit is cheap and offers quality furnishing at an affordable rate. 

While suspension lift kit is opposite. The suspension lift kit doesn’t look fancy but improves the road performance of the car. Generally, the suspension kits are installed in heavy cars. The suspension kits include simple and complex components. The simple components that fall into this kit are spacers that turn the suspension, brand new.   

It’s completely up to you to decide whether you would like to see your car’s outlook changed or improve its off-road performance. Once you decide that you’ll be able to figure out which kit will go best with your car, but before that learn the differences between them. 

Suspension Lift Kit

The suspension lift kit is most commonly used in trucks, but it leaves no chance to add benefits to the car as well. 

The suspension lift kit can raise the car from 4-8inches approximately, it can also go up to 18 inches if you choose to install a huge lift. This will give you the ground clearance and create more space for the large tires to fit in. 

The suspension lift kit endures the entire weight of the car and lifts the truck up to 2-3 inches that offer superior stability because of the low center of gravity. 

The lift kit that expands the height of the truck requires new suspension, drivetrain and steering parts. The raising height of the vehicle changes the entire structure of the car which might affect the function of steering geometry, driveshaft length, and the brake lines.

Suspension kits are complicated and require a level of expertise to install. On the other hand, they are more expensive than body lift kits, that’s why people prefer body lift kits over suspension one.

There are various pros and cons of this lift kit, which are

It doesn’t create a gap between body and chasses  It can add strain on the parts of the vehicle.
It maintains the space of approximately 2-12 inches between the surface and the ground It becomes uncomfortable to drive on the road because of its increased weight. 
It increases tire clearances  It decreases gas mileage 
It offers a wide variety of options to choose from It requires a lot of technical knowledge, and if you approach a mechanic then he will charge high.  


The suspension lift kits are a part of truck accessories that equally creates a good structure of a car as well, and so does the body lift kit

Find out from below how it is different. 

Body lift kit 

Body lift creates a space between the bed and the cab of the car. Only the upper body of the car is lifted, the tires remain at the same position. This lift creates a difference of three inches in between and also allows the large-sized tires to fit at its place.

As only the upper body is lifted, the handling and the driving experience remains the same. The body lift kit uses spacers to form a space between the bed and the cab. 

The body lift kits are affordable and easy to install compared to that of a suspension lift kit

The body lift kits enable the installation of larger as well as smaller tires. There are different types of body lift kits and each one of them has its unique feature

  • A fully-equipped kit consists of brackets that help in rearranging the small and large tires.
  • These kits also consist of the steering shaft and fuel filler neck extensions.

Though it is beneficial, it also has certain pros and cons, which are:- 


This is built-up on the stock suspension that doesn’t require wheel alignment.  You may see the gap between the chassis and the body which can affect the outlook.
It doesn’t deteriorate the on-road performance  The large tires can be installed, but it hampers ground clearance. 
It is cost-effective, easy to install and doesn’t require specialized knowledge. It only improves the outlook, not the suspension. 
It allows the larger tires to fit in.  It doesn’t help in getting off-road. 


These are some of the basic differences between the two lift kits. People often feel confused about the features. Sometimes, because of being unclear, they can’t identify which lift will meet their expectations. These differences allow you to understand the structure and identify what meets your taste and would go best with your car. 

So, if you are looking for any of them to upgrade your vehicle into a beast, then get in touch with Tint Shoppe to get the best quality services for aftermarket lift kits and truck accessories at an affordable rate.