An Insight into Lift Kits for Trucks

An Insight into Lift Kits for Trucks

The suspension of a truck is an important bridge between the occupants of a vehicle and the road. It is basically responsible for holding a truck in place. There are many different types of suspensions and it will differ depending on the type of vehicle. Since a truck is likely to be involved in both off-road and on-road travel, there is a big difference between a front and rear end suspension.

There is no dearth of accessories for trucks as well. One of the most popular accessories is the truck lift kits which is an aftermarket truck accessory. This helps increase the height of a vehicle and allows one to replace the tires with larger ones. Lift kits for trucks are common for vehicles that need to go off-road since it helps improve their performance in off-road places. One of the advantages of installing a lift kit is that it improves the center of gravity of a vehicle.

Types of Truck Lift Kits

There are several types of truck lift kits but they can be classified into two main categories, body lift, and suspension lifts. Both these kits are defined in more detail here to ensure you pick the right one:

Body Lift Kit:
The way a body lift kit works is that it uses spacers or blocks to raise the body of a truck. This is done from the frame itself to provide a 1 to 3-inch lift from the chassis. This is slightly less expensive comparatively for lifting the chassis from the body. It is optimal for someone who wants to lift the truck in order to install bigger tires. This will not increase the ground clearance of a vehicle and will usually include front and rear bumper brackets as well as ground strap brackets.

Suspension Lift Kit:
The suspension lift kits have an ability to produce more ground clearance and are easier to handle than a body lift kit. The way they work is that they replace the front and rear leaf springs of a truck. This helps produce a lift of between 4 to 6 inches. In exceptional cases, it is also to achieve a lift of over 15 inches. This makes it possible to replace the existing tires with larger ones. The more the lift the bigger the replacement tire can be. Besides having an ability to replace with a larger tire, it also improves the overall handling of a vehicle. It is important to note that the higher you lift a vehicle the more it will displace the stability of a vehicle, especially on the turns.

Benefits of Investing in Lift Kits for Trucks

Driving or riding a truck that has a higher than usual ground clearance or left, adds a sense of power. It is almost like one is the king of the road giving you the ultimate power to be able to literally look down on other vehicles. When it comes to selecting how high you wish to make it, it is usually up to the car owner. There are several benefits of using a lift kit (body lift and suspension lift kit):

  1. It offers a greater clearance level thus allowing the vehicle to clear over a wider range of obstacles. This includes damaged streets, bad roads as well as off-road driving.
  2. Many people take their vehicle off-road. Those with such truck accessories installed will be able to conquer the bad terrain with ease and also extend the capabilities.
  3. It offers improved visibility which is useful in congested urban zones as well as off-road places.
  4. The big tires offer better handling and at the same time helps the vehicle owner create a better impression.