5 Car Window Tint Maintenance Tips You Should Know

5 Car Window Tint Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Your car is the one investment that you dearly adore. This is the reason why you tint your car. Tinting not only gives your car a stylish look but also protects its interiors from fading and cracking. Thus, it is important to know how to take proper care of the tint, as soon as you get it installed from a car window tinting shop in Woodbridge.

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Some maintenance tips for your car window tints:


1. Don’t touch it right after installation:

After the installation process is over, you must not touch your window. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 3 to 4 days. Do not panic and touch it if you see water marks on the tint. It is just a part of the drying process and will vanish in a few days. Make sure no one opens a window during this time, as this may peel off the film.

2. Don’t use stickers or suction cups:

This is not for new tint films. In general, you should not use these things. These things can damage the tint when you remove them. Moreover, the adhesive might remain there on the tint film and will make dirt and dust to stick to it.

3. Cleaning and maintenance:

When you install a new tint, you might not need to clean it for at least a month or two. But after that, if it needs to be cleaned, you should use a wet soapy cloth to wipe off the dirt and dry and soft cloth to dry the window. You should never use ammonia products for cleaning the tint film as it can react with the film. Cleaning is important since the dust/sand particles can stick to the glass and cause scratches every time you open or close your window.

4. Seat belt chips:

Care should be taken while getting off the car, and removing the seat belt. The seat belt may snap to the glass and cause scratches. Glass scratches cannot be mended and hence it is important to take precautions wherever necessary.

5. Awareness:

The most important of all is being aware. You should always be careful that it doesn’t get scratched from your car keys or against any hard material. It is important that you clean it regularly with a dry or damp cloth so that the dirt doesn’t accumulate inside the gasket of the window.

It is important that you do not just read these tips but also follow them. Window tint films for cars come in many material types. Some of them can be very costly, and getting it installed again can take much of your time and money. You should take care of it and make sure that every penny you invest doesn’t go for waste.

A good tint can enhance the looks of your car, but at the same time, a bad tint can spoil it. Just remember, a bad tint is better than none at all!